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" Explore Erotic, Yoni, Penis and Prostate Massage Orgasms?

From sex nerd to erotic massage expert. Learn from my story.

Discover how you can make your relationship and your sex life sizzle with energy and passion.  Learn erotic massage, G spot and yoni massage and get lots of dating tips for men. Men, learn how  to overcome premature ejaculation and penis and prostate massage. Learn how to give a woman ejaculation orgasms, multiple orgasms and maybe even screaming orgasms.

Surprisingly, this may be a lot easier than you think.


My name is Maurice and I am a qualified sexologist trained at the Institute of the Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.  I work with couples and individuals in a safe, non threatening space extending their sexuality.

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I created my sex secrets and tantra site because I found most of my friends had little understanding of the potential of their sexuality. For example, my best friend told me that the G spot does not exist and I found that many women don't even know the location of their g spot. Some don't know that a woman's g spot can be a key to multiple orgasms, ejaculation orgasms and even screaming orgasms.

Most women only have clitoral orgasms and miss out on much deeper, more fulfilling tantric, vulva and g spot orgasmic experiences. Surveys show only about 5% of women experience ejaculation orgasms. Visit my orgasms page for a complete list of pages on orgasms. I feel most women know that deep down they have the potential for sex to be tantric, profound and spiritual. I have known women that can have orgasmic energy experiences for up to 6 hours out of sex.

Most men come in an average time of about 7 minutes in the USA. Premature ejaculation is a big problem for a lot of men. Women love a man that can last to give them deeper, orgasmic pleasure.

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 Hi Maurice,

I was so tempted and also aroused to read your detailed erotic massage for women. That was lusty just by reading it and intend to put into practice within the next couple of days.

Kindly endeavor to forward me an erotic massage for men - which I would love to do as well. (this is the next issue of the newsletter)

Thanks and Regards. Roger

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Michael Webb has shared his famous romantic tips over 500 TV and radio shows. Michael Webb has been a romance coach for the Oprah show.

If a man does not take a women deep into her sexual potential, she will take it out on him by nagging, and be critical etc. When a women is able to let go, trust her man and their natural energies and body responses, then both will achieve the deep rewards that sexual intimacy has to offer. A barrier for many women (and some men) are past  sexual abuse experiences that need to be worked thought in sexual healing sessions.

In my experience, when you are present and in your heart in erotic massage and lovemaking, and learn methods to allow a women to go deep into her sexual energy, she just opens to you and showers love to you. Also the side benefit is a lot more lovemaking! Men take note

I have a private practice in teaching men, women and couples Tantra, erotic massage, G spot healing massage, penis massage, prostate massage and how couples can improve their relationship.

 The following is one of my client's testimonials.

Wow! I received a Taoist Erotic Massage from Maurice in Byron Bay and I felt my whole body vibrating with energy. I then went deep into a trance state beyond words. I now are experimenting how I can use these methods to access these states from wanking or with my partner.

Adrian G      Byron Area, Australia.

The Taoist tantra erotic massage is easy to learn and it also includes over 20 massage strokes on the women's vulva and over 15 penis massage stokes. These penis, vulva and yoni erotic massage strokes can be used to increase pleasure during foreplay. Most women don't know how to really touch a penis. However most men only use one stroke in masturbation. Learn these sex secrets and your partner will tell you that you are a great lover.

learn vulva massage  by video and  g spot massage

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I hope you enjoy all my sex secrets on erotic massage for men and women, G spot orgasms and ejaculation orgasms. The tantra exercises can transform your love life.  I hope men learn how to overcome premature ejaculation and really enjoy their women giving them a yummy penis and maybe a prostate massage. I hope men also learn how to give a woman multiple orgasms and even screaming orgasms.

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