Anal massage  


Anal massage Tips

Learn some easy anal massage tips for increased pleasure.

  • Use lots of lubrication in the anus, Use lots of lubrication in the anus.
  • Massage the buttocks and the outer part of the anus to relax this area.
  • Only enter the anus if the receivers anus  is relaxed enough. Ask him or her to breath.
  • I use a door bell like stroke on the anal opening to see if it is relaxed.
  • Butt plugs are a great tool for anal massage. One can purchase different sizes and start with the smallest one to relax the anus.
  • One can touch a women's g spot from an anal massage that can be every erotic.
  • One can feel the penis in the vulva when massaging the anus on a women during intercourse.

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Click on the link below for more information on anal massage. Chester has done thousands of anal massages on men and women. Learn how to use little know methods in anal massage like using a female condom. He was my teacher in this art of massage.

Anal massage video from an expert that has  taught doctors.

If you want to explore anal massage by yourself, I also really like the Aneros anal massage plug for men. I have had mind blowing prostate orgasms from this little device. See the link below. I use this during sex at times and it can lead to orgasms being much deeper and longer. Full body orgasms with no ejaculation are very yummy!



Enjoy your anus!



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