sex and sexual sounds

Sex and sexual sounds during Love making

Making sex sounds during sex opens up the energy flow in your body. Due to sexual shame most of us do not fully express our energy during sex. For men this blocks the energy in the pelvic region and it does not flow towards the heart etc.

Most men love a women that expresses their energy with sexual sounds. However most men do not express their energy in the same way. Women love to hear there mans energy too.

The energy is in the sound.

It can be a real challenge to open up to being more in your sexual sounds during lovemaking. Encourage your partner to be more vocal and see how the energy flows more. Feel into what blocks you restricting your erotic potential. The emotional freedom technique can be of help to remove this sexual block.

You can use sexual sounds to transfer energy from one person to another. One can breath in when the other expresses their energy. Set an intention to feel your partners energy. Men can become multi orgasmic from this practice.

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