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This site has a lot of information on orgasms for woman. It covers  sorts of orgasms for women  including ejaculation orgasms. I believe most women do not have deeper orgasms like ejaculation for a number of reasons.

In the western society, woman are brought up to be lady like and not slutty. Any women that expresses her love of sex in having more than one lover and loves orgasms is considered slutty. If a man has more than one lover he is considered a stud.

The Christian religion also has taught many that sex is a sin out of marriage. Masturbating is a sin etc. It an take years of work to get out of negative Christian conditioning about sexuality. One sexual healer I know says it takes 7 years of work to overcome this negative conditioning.

I feel this conditioning about sexuality has a negative imprint on our energetic body. It puts blocks in our energy system. Both men and women do not really totally let go and totally trust their body.

Woman having deeper orgasms is really totally letting go on all levels, energy, heart, sounds etc. Most men and women do not make sounds when having orgasms.

One needs to totally trust the body and totally let go for deeper orgasmic experiences like ejaculation.

The following site has a series of DVDs that I used in my professional sexological bodywork training.

I feel it is best to see women having orgasms rather than just talking about it.

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